Wednesday, November 16, 2011


    I’ve long been a big fan of Land’s End - love their soft, snuggly sweaters and T-Shirts.  They’re always reasonably priced and well made.  But, who knew that Land’s End could make my inside as happy as my outside?  Their delicious Holiday sweet assortment is new to me - so happy to have discovered these goodies.  All three come in keepsake gift tins - they make wonderful gifts but sorry I’m not giving them away.

    One tin holds Pepper Crunch Cookies (delectable with hot chocolate or after dinner coffee).  These are crispy chocolate wafers covered with white mint chocolate and topped with a sprinkling of crushed peppermint.  So festive in appearance and satisfying to a sweet tooth!  Packaged in a 1 lb. tin.  The perfect hostess gift!

    Who in the world can resist the like-no-other taste of sweet and salty?  That’s found in Land’s End’s luscious caramel candies.  They’re wearing coats of dark chocolate, and toppings of sea salt.  Chewy, sweet with a touch of crunchiness, and arriving in a 9 oz. tin.  Impossible to eat just one!

    Rounding out this trio is a 1 lb. tin of original, much loved English Butter Toffee.  Rich with real butter the toffee is covered with velvety milk chocolate then dusted with bits of almonds.  These bite-size pieces immediately vanished from our buffet as guests asked where they could find!

    All of these sweets are made in the U.S. and they taste like home.


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