Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Undertaker's Widow by Phillip Margolin; Performed by Eric Dawe

Following the success of Vanishing Acts (2011) Margolin presents another well etched legal thriller that engages listeners with the opening lines.  The lines, of course, are read by the multi-talented Eric Dawe who delivers a perfectly paced, easy-to-listen-to narration.

    Judge Richard Quinn is no stranger to headline-grabbing homicide cases, but this one may top all the others.  Ellen Crease is running for the U.S. Senate, and to date it’s a tight race.  She’s obviously a capable woman - more than that as is evidenced the second she shoots the intruder who has murdered her rich husband.  That seems clear cut, obviously self-defense.  But, why was her husband murdered?  What was it about the man who made a fortune running mortuaries that would cause anyone to kill him?

    In the hands of the gifted Margolin it is never the obvious.  The couple have a son who is not mentioned in his father’s will.  Does the widow herself have political enemies who would go this far?

    It doesn’t take long for the good Judge to realize that he has become ensnared in a miasma of illegalities - blackmail, and murder.  What will he do, what can he do?


    - Gail Cooke

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