Thursday, December 8, 2011

Burgers' Smokehouse City Half Ham

    Believe someone once emphasized ham by mentioning a slice of white bread between two slices of ham - that’s very much the way you may feel about Burger’s Smokehouse City Half Ham.  You just don’t want anything to interfere with the juicy, delicious, hickory smoked flavor of this Missouri country ham.

    We received a City Half Ham, which is not only moist and tender but so easy to serve.  It’s fully cooked with all excess fat and skin trimmed, plus it’s spiral sliced so no worries about the size of portions.  Makes a beautiful buffet platter!

    It’s recommended that the City Ham be served at room temperature for the most enjoyment -so true!  An added bonus to that way of enjoying ham is no oven baking and fretting about over-cooking.

    After serving friends we’ll enjoy the ham for many meals to come, and then there’s one more good thing from Burger’s Smokehouse - know the bone will make a delicious soup to warm these winter days.

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