Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Best Cheese Ever!

    We discovered GREEN DIRT FARM in the beautiful and bountiful Bluestem, The Cookbook.  This is a small farm that raises all grass-fed sheep and produces amazing sheep’s milk cheeses.  It’s a favorite source for The Garrelts, owners of Kansas City’s vaunted Bluestem Restaurant.  Now, it’s also a favorite  source for us.

    The “Dirt Lover” cheese is reminiscent of French Farmhouse cheeses.  “It has an edible, white bloomy rind that reveals the underlying layer of vegetable ash.”  It’s a dense cheese that seems to melt in your mouth; the flavor is fresh with a hint of nuttiness.

    The Garrelts serve it at their restaurant with their Sweet Onion Marmalade (p. 40 in the cookbook.)  We love it with fresh fruit, apple slices, pear - so good!  And, of course it’s perfect on a cheese tray.

    We also love their “Wooly Rind,” a Camembert style cheese.  More about that later.

    Find the cheeses and lamb at

    - Gail Cooke

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