Tuesday, January 31, 2012


    Gold - treasured throughout centuries past and especially today.  It’s a bonanza for each of us in Giorgio Armani’s Spring Collection 2012.  Two Eye Palettes are available, each introducing soft pastels illuminated by the luster of gold.  Gold is an A-list addition to the palettes as it befriends any skin tone bringing out the glow of your skin and an added radiance to the eye.  Thus, your look is soft, subtle, one of warmth and glamour.

Eye Palette #1 presents:     (Mine!)
pearl violet
jade green
sheer gold

Eye Palette #2 presents:
                                                               metal fiber
                                                              copper pigment
                                                              crystal brown

    We especially appreciate the card enclosed with each palette describing how to apply the colors in order to create a Day Look and an Evening Look.   The palettes are, of course, housed in Armani’s signature jet black mirrored compact and presented in a velour envelope.  Giorgio Armani overlooks absolutely nothing!

     Find his Spring 2012 Collection at www.giorgioarmanibeauty.com.

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