Wednesday, January 4, 2012

MANICARETTI Is Pasta Perfect!

    Never one to say basta to pasta I’ve always thought I had my often served spaghetti dishes very well prepared (she said modestly).  Loved to offer a heaping plate of pasta topped with sauce to both family and friends.  Truth be told I saw no need for improvement - silly me!

    After seeing Manicaretti pastas recommended in several chef written cookbooks I thought I’d give them a try - I tried, I ate, I will never have any other!  It is simply amazing what an enormous difference a really good, fresh pasta can make.  In the past I thought of pasta as something to be smothered in sauce - how wrong I was.  No need to smother, simply top with and let the rich, delicious taste of the Manicaretti pasta be enjoyed.

    We have no favorites among the plethora of pastas Manicaretti offers - they are all superb.  We’ve loved the Maccheroni al Terce, a diminutive curled pasta that seems to cup a bit of sauce, and the Orzo, a rice like pasta that is wonderful in soup or as a side dish.  The spaghetti?  Pure heaven.  Fettuccine?  Fabulous.  Linguine?  Lovely.  Well, you get the idea.

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