Saturday, January 7, 2012

Miss Dimple Rallies To The Cause by Mignon F. Ballard

    Refreshing, nostalgic, homespun, warm, humorous all describe Mignon Ballard’s evocative descriptions of small town life.  With this, the second eagerly awaited story in the Miss Dimple series, we return to Elderberry, Georgia.  It is 1943 and the townsfolk are absorbed in news of the war, all fearing a visit from “the boy on the black bicycle who delivered telegrams, and doing everything they can to support their country.

    To that end a war bond rally is being planned ( despite many not wishing to work with the dictatorial, five foot nine Emmaline Brumlow).  There’s much excitement as the rally will include a “womanless” wedding performed by male actors.  Bus driver Buddy Oglesby has come up with some terrific ideas for publicity.  However, the excitement quickly dissipates when the school children are playing by a creek during a visit to the Hutchinson’s farm to pick cotton.  They’d been told to stay away from the creek but nine-year-old Willie Elrod and his pal, Junior, couldn’t resist.  When a teacher came looking for the boys she found a grim surprise - the remains of a skeleton, which had probably been exposed when the creek over flowed.

    Miss Dimple believes the skeleton is that of a woman as clinging bits of cloth in bright colors seemed to be what a woman would have worn.  But who could it have been and why was the body left in such a place?  As if that weren’t enough to dampen everyone’s spirits the theft of some $2,000 raised in the war bond rally is later discovered.

    Never one to run from a challenge Miss Dimple is determined to solve both mysteries.  Cozy mystery fans will thoroughly enjoy the latest rom Mignon F. Ballard.

    - Gail Cooke

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