Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ruckus by Billy Jealousy

    Yes, Billy Jealousy’s Hair Forming Cream is the Esquire winner for Best Hair Cream, and the Mr. would tell you it’s also the best as far as he’s concerned.

    He very much likes the fact that it is movable, pliable, so that it gives hair the desired shape but doesn’t look like it’s set in concrete.  Go out in a stiff wind and hair moves then returns to original style.  There’s a bit of Swertia to volumize and Ginseng Extract to revitalize.  Plus, it leaves hair shiny. 

    So, he’s happy.  And, since confession is good for us - I’m happy, too, because every once in a while I’ll snitch a bit of it to tweak bangs or a curl.  Perfect!

    Thank you, Billy!

    Find it along with other hair have-to-haves for him at

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