Monday, January 16, 2012


   New York Times bestselling novelist James Grippando served as counsel for a law firm - a firm that filed one of the initial first class action suits on behalf of Bernie Madoff’s victims.  Thus, he has been in the know and aware of how his firm and others were going about trying to retrieve the billions Madoff’s clients lost.  Grippando’s observations not only gave him ideas for this intense thriller but also raised important questions in his mind.

    He was reminded of a book in which an author describes his before-it-all-came-apart investigation into Madoff’s activities.  He gave this information to the SEC but they paid no heed.  Ergo, the question might be: Could the SEC really have been Wall Street’s biggest bumblers, having this information but either disinclined or not able to use it?  Did someone way high up not want it used?  And, the jackpot question: Where did the billions go?

    Need You Now is one of the timeliest thrillers out there - brimming with stunning surprises, covert operations, false identities, and more.  Abe Cushman dove 55 stories to his death after his Ponzi scheme was discovered.  While the suicide of “a former chairman of the NASDAQ Stock Market and a force on Wall Street trading for nearly fifty years” shocks and affects many, it has deep repercussions for Patrick Lloyd, an up-and-coming Wall Street advisor at a major Swiss Bank, and his girlfriend, Lilly.  Actually, Lilly is his ex-girlfriend.  She  hooks up with him again after he’s threatened with a gun muzzle to his neck and given a message for her.   Seems Lilly had an involvement with the missing Cushman money.  But Lloyd didn’t know that and as he says there’s just one thing more dangerous than knowing where the billions are: “Not knowing  - and having a trained killer think that I did.”

    You’ve read some shocking Wall Street stories but probably never one like this.

    - Gail Cooke

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