Tuesday, February 28, 2012


    There are but a few names that inspire my total confidence - one of them is  Giorgio Armani.  Whether it is his clothing, skincare or cosmetics I’ve always found each to be of the highest quality.  (Now, all I need to do is stay in one of his hotels!)

    Mr. Armani has again presented an efficacious collection with his High Lift line.  My first experience was with the Designer Lift Foundation, an amazing, incredibly effective foundation that does, indeed, give an added boost,  a tightening to facial contours.

    I’ve just been introduced to his Regenessence High Lift Cream, a multi-firming, rejuvenating, rich cream for use both morning and at bedtime.  This is a very light cream, much finer than other emulsions and it absorbs all but immediately.  It seems to glide onto your skin leaving it conditioned and supple.

    It was interesting to note the experience of others who are using this cream -
After 1 month, 75% of women felt that their skin substance was re-densified from within, 96% felt that their contours are reshaped.

    I’ve been using it for but a few weeks and anticipate having the same salutary results.  More on that later as well as comments regarding the Regenessence High Lift Eye Balm.  Meanwhile, sign me “Couldn’t be happier.”

    You’ll find these items as well as wonderful colors for Spring at www.giorgioarmanibeauty.com.

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