Saturday, February 4, 2012

She Wants "Baby Love" for Valentine's Day

    There’s nothing smoother, softer or silkier than a baby’s skin, which is one reason why the Baby Love trio is so appropriately named.  This TLC providing threesome blesses skin with custom blended goodness for pampering,  prettifying - all in petite sizes, and perfect for Valentine’s gifting!

    Inside the beribboned gift box you’ll find Amour D’Ore, a lush skin softener containing 11 essential oils for the ultimate in hydration from head to toe - spray it all over your body pre-bedtime to let it work its magic throughout the night.  Or, spray it on your face in the a.m. after cleansing and before moisturizing for extra protection.  Plus a soft spray on your hair delivers added shine.

    In addition to the vaunted Amour D’Ore Baby Love holds two tubes of Votre Vu’s hand cream and lip balms, Baby Duette.  The hand cream is enriched with sunflower, grape, and jojoba oils, thus offering deep moisturization plus a soft scent of almond and coconut.  Baby Duette?  Well, it’s the niftiest - a luxe lip balm (by luxe we mean containing coconut oil, Shea butter and UV filters) is found in the cap of each tube.  It’s offered in both a Clear balm and Raspberry for a sweet tint.     

    Whisper in his ear, “I want Baby Love, please.”  He can find it for $49.00 at

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