Thursday, February 16, 2012

Use Your Brain To Change Your Age by Daniel G. Amen Read by Marc Cashman

Named one of the "Best Voice of the Tear" by AudioFile  magazine,Marc Cashman delivers a cleaer, convincing reading of the latest from clinical neuroscientist and public-broadcasting favorite Dr. Daniel G. Amen.

This time out he expands upon his program by shaping a healthy brain.  We, of course, function at our optimal best when our brain works as it should.  When the brain is not functioning as it should our decision making is hampered..

Amen  notes the essential parts of his heaklthy brain system - diet, supportve friends, and exercise.  He offers examples of  his system at work in terms  easy to understand and implement. 

As has been said, by using these brain strategies we can outsmart our genes, and put the brakes on aging.  Who wouldn't want to try? 

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