Friday, March 30, 2012

NIGHT KNIGHT by Owen Davey

    Thanks to the imagination of Owen Davey bedtime no longer needs to be something young ones try to prolong or even argue about, this talented artist/author has turned it into an adventure.

    Noted for his amazing use of color, texture and pattern Davey works in both traditional and digital media.  His images are fun, entertaining and informative as seen in Night Knight, a reinforced hardcover that will withstand many before bedtime readings.

    We meet a young fellow who says, “For a knight like me, going to bed is a great adventure.”  (For many youngsters that is certainly a new approach to bedtime.)  And then step by step we follow him from heading down the hallway to finally snuggling into bed with “Though it has been a great adventure...even a knight needs a good night’s sleep.”

    Each step is accompanied by eye-catching full page illustrations as youngsters are reminded to take a bath, brush their teeth, and put away their things.

    Both affirmative and encouraging Night Knight would be a welcome addition to a young one’s bedtime ritual.

    - Gail Cooke

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