Monday, March 5, 2012


    Good Genes was my introduction to Sunday Riley’s extraordinary line of skincare.  I was so impressed with Good Genes that I had to try more - Stimulant III Perfection Cell Booster was next on my list.  Once more, excellent results!

    First but certainly not least I really appreciate the precise directions and recommendations on the back of all Sunday’s boxes.  Each not only lists the ingredients but suggests various ways to use the product so that your skin benefits the most.  For instance in the case of Stimulant III a suggestion was to blend 2-3 pumps of the Stimulant with “any cream, mask or serum to powerboost the product’s efficacy and make a more targeted, personalized and prescriptive final product.”   

    Works for me, and both the personalization and attention to detail are very much appreciated.

    After use Stimulant III has done wonders for my skin’s hyperpigmentation (I live in a beautiful climate where the sun is hard to avoid).  Plus the appearance of  pores has diminished.

    By blending the Stimulant with a cream it lasts and lasts plus I’ve had no effects whatsoever from the retinol in the formulation.  Thanks to Sunday not only for an extra effective product but also for the recommendation.

    I’ll be finding more from Sunday Riley at

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