Saturday, April 14, 2012

Allergy-Friendly Food for Families

    This brightly illustrated easy-to-follow cookbook is more than “Allergy-Friendly,” it’s a boon for those dealing with allergies whether affecting themselves or members of their family. 

    We read, “Food and family go together like bacon and eggs, bread and butter, milk and cookies - right?  Well, yes, they’re great combos - for some people.  But when you don’t eat eggs and your kids can’t stomach milk, it can start to feel like food is out to get your family, not bring it together.”  How true!

    Editors of KIWI to the rescue!  KIWI, the premier magazine about raising families the natural and organic way, has prepared a comprehensive guide for those finding themselves in the above described situation.  This book covers five of the allergens most commonly found in kids.  Not only are the three important mealtimes taken care of (breakfast, lunch, and dinner, of course), but space is also devoted to foods that make life fun - desserts, snacks, party foods.

    Each recipe includes a nutritional analysis, and there are umpteen recipes that kids and their parents can prepare together.  Enjoy the No Moo Chocolate Pudding or the Nutty Fruit Pizza!  There are more than 120 delicious, healthy recipes!


    - Gail Cooke

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