Monday, April 9, 2012

GIANT GEORGE by Dave Nasser

    Yes, yes, I know, there are currently a plethora of books about dogs on the market.  But I promise you there’s not one that even comes close to this.  In fact, don’t believe there’s a dog that comes close to Giant George because he is the biggest dog in the world and has his name in Guinness World Records to prove it.  George is an amazing seven feet long and almost five feet tall.  How the runt of a litter could grow this big is anyone’s guess and certainly a shock to owners Dave and Christie Nasser.

    It all began shortly after Dave and Christie married.  He wanted to move back to his hometown of Tucson, Arizona.  She, being a California girl, wasn’t too enthusiastic about the idea, but she could be bribed - if they moved they’d have a house and she could have a dog.  Sounded like a good compromise to Dave.

    So, they began to settle in with Dave looking for a house and Christie looking for a dog - she found him, an irresistible Great Dane puppy they called George.  Well, happiness didn’t last long for Dave because by the time George was four months old Dave figured he was out about $2,000 -  “...$1,750 for our puppy, plus the cost of around six weeks’ worth of special puppy food, an extra-large crate, a leash and a collar, dog bowls...”  He placed an ad in the Arizona Daily Star in the pets section “Home Needed For Great Dane Puppy.”

    But as it turned out he couldn’t sell George, the puppy had become a part of their family (a large part, and Dave decided you just didn’t give up on family.  “Giant George Life with the World’s Biggest Dog” is their story, and it’s a whopper (pun intended).  There’s never been a dull moment.  George has appeared on Oprah, has over 75,000 Facebook fans and 2.6 million hits on his YouTube videos. You’ll smile, you’ll laugh, probably sigh - it’s for sure you’ve never read a dog story like this one.


    - Gail Cooke

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