Thursday, August 16, 2012


    Not up for going to the aesthetician?  Appointments can be a hassle and sometimes it’s just not in the budget.  Whatever the case - no worries!  Glytone Mini Peel Gel is here for you.

    This easily done at home peel offers effective skin exfoliation and retexturing for a smoother, younger looking complexion.  And, who doesn’t need that from time to time?  It works well for me if done once a week.

    It’s an extremely gentle treatment yet banishes dead skin cells with its high concentration of free acid - the Gel contains 10.8% Free Acid Value Glycolic Acid.

    Wonderful to be able to do this in the privacy of my home and so very easy to use.  Simply apply a thin layer of the Gel to cleansed face and neck.  Leave it on for ten minutes (jut time enough to do a bit of online shopping) and then rinse with warm water.  Presto - looks as if I’d just come from a pricey spa.  I like to do this in the evening and follow with my favorite moisturizer.

    The 2 oz.  container is modestly priced and provides many, many weeks of skin renewal.  Find it at and

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