Friday, August 24, 2012


    Finding a new line of effective, affordable skincare is always good news at my house and Tatcha is more than good news - it deserves banner headlines.  These products are true recreations of the steps that form the foundation of classical Eastern skincare.  Tatcha presents the results of a ritual honed to perfection over 300 years in order to give us pure, polished, radiant and supple skin.       

    My first product from Tatcha is their Luminous Dewy Skin Mist.  Now, for one who lives deep in the heart of Texas where summer temperatures seldom go below three digits this mist caused me to do a happy dance.  After too long of using mists made of spring water which at best offered temporary relief and at worst dried my skin I was a bit skeptical at what Tatcha promised Luminous could do.  Friends, it does it all.  This Mist delivers an instant boost of weightless hydration that leaves skin dewy, silky and replenished whether used under or over  makeup.

    The ultimate test for me was to come home from a one hour workout and spritz my face with Luminous.  Ah, bliss that lasted for the rest of the day with skin feeling supple and refreshed.  The reason for its effectiveness is its formula marrying Tatcha’s signature HADASEI-3 with a rare blend of Okinawan red algae extract.  Made in Japan Luminous doesn’t contain a trace of alcohol which is found in other mists and dries the skin.

    I love the slim attractive blue tube that I can carry with me for a refresher anywhere at any time.  Perhaps best of all I like to spray it on before applying foundation to condition my skin and then spray again when makeup is complete to set it.

    Luminous Dewy Skin Mist has been a remarkable discovery for me and can’t wait to try more from Tatcha!  There are many temptations at

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