Monday, February 11, 2013

THE PERFECT HOPE by Nora Roberts

Ever notice how some audio book covers state “Read by” while others use “Performed by”?  For this listener there’s more than a nuance of difference.  Most literate folks can “read,” ah, but it takes an actor to “perform.”  And Macleod Andrews delivers a sterling performance of this romance by Nora Roberts.

Andrews is a talented fellow with a baritone voice which he seems to easily switch from playing an adolescent to an apparently tough adult - you can almost hear the swagger in his voice.
He’s also a master of accents - Southern, British, Scottish, Irish, Middle Eastern, Midwest, Australian, German - you name it he can do it.  So, it was easy to sit back and enjoy The Perfect Hope, the final installment in The Inn Boonsboro Trilogy.

The former manager of an upscale Washington, D. C. Hotel Hope Beaumont left her job following an unpleasant breakup with the owner’s son.  She heads for healing and friends in Boonsboro, Maryland where she soon becomes the innkeeper of Inn Boonsboro owned by the Montgomery family.  She’s given a warm welcome by all save gruff but oh-so handsome Ryder Montgomery, son of the inn owner.

Knowing Nora Roberts you can pretty much imagine what happens between Hope and Ryder, but there’s a great deal of good fun, heated liaisons, and ghost sightings along the way.


Gail Cooke

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