Friday, March 15, 2013


To my knowledge Gildart Jackson is a name not often seen on audio book covers, but a change is coming as soon as casting directors hear his steely, stunning narrative of The Andalucian Friend.  He is perhaps best remembered for his role as Gideon on TV’s Charmed as well as other small screen roles such as Providence and General Hospital.  He has wide stage experience, which seems obvious from his well trained voice, a voice that is uniquely his own.  Is that a slight British accent?  No, I don’t think so, simply an arresting, distinct pronunciation that holds the listener.

Jackson’s delivery is direct, not the least bit theatrical and it needn’t be as Soderberg’s tale is a chilling one that grabs listeners from the opening lines of this meritorious addition to Scandinavian thriller fiction.  Nurse Sophie Brinkmann works at a Stockholm hospital, and thank goodness for the job and her teenage son as her life without them would be bereft since the death of her husband.  Nonetheless, she is still a relatively young woman who responds to the blandishments of one of her patients, Hector Guzman.

Hector is a Spanish publisher and more.  He’s involved with a crime syndicate that majors in transatlantic drug trades and battles with rival gangs.  Not at all a good match for Sophie!  Nonetheless, she soon becomes the focus of Gunilla Strandberg and her dirty cops who will do whatever it takes to get to Hector.

The first in a trilogy The Andalucian Friend is filled with merciless characters, suspenseful situations and surprising twists, all of which will leave listeners eager for the second book from Soderberg.

- Gail Cooke

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