Friday, May 31, 2013

MURDER AS A FINE ART by David Morrell

     An absolutely riveting tale of truth and fiction by a master storyteller, David Morrell.  As has been said, "Page-flipping action, taut atmosphere, and multifaceted characters."  That and oh so much more as Morrell takes us back to gas lit London so ably that we feel the fog and watch our step so we don't slip on the cobblestones.

   The year is 1811 and a vicious series of killings terrorizes London and all of England.  Some 43 years later Thomas De Quincey who wrote "On Murder Considered as One of the Fine Arts" reappears in London.  In less than a week the heinous killings begin again.  De Quincey knew the thoughts of a killer so well as was seen in his book.  Could he be responsible for the recent deaths?

     Murder As A Fine Art is a thinking man/woman's tale rich in history, action packed, stunningly written.  Don't miss it!

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