Monday, July 8, 2013

MASSACRE POND by Paul Doiron

There’s little that pleases me more than the arrival of a new book.  I look forward to this with eager anticipation, especially when the book is by a critically acclaimed author - in this case the estimable Paul Doiron.   Re Doiron’s Bad Little Falls the AP wrote, “The plot is riveting, but as always in a Paul Doiron novel, the greatest attraction is the stark beauty of the language and the vivid portrayal of his native Maine.”  Very well put and also describes Massacre Pond, the fourth novel featuring game warden Mike Bowditch, a memorable character who brings both the beauty and the danger of Maine’s north woods to wide-screen life.

As Massacre Pond begins the usually peaceful residents of Washington County are now complaining loud and long about animal-rights activist Betty Morse purchasing thousands of woodland acres and turning them over to the government as a site for a national park. This is problematic for many, especially hunters and forest product workers who would be out of work.   Sometimes folks have clear but frightening ways of showing their displeasure - five butchered moose are discovered on property belong to Morse and her daughter is killed in an automobile accident.

Bowditch is not winning any popularity contest with the higher-ups, thus even though he was the first on the scene of the moose slaughter he’s told to stand aside.  However, there’s more violence and Bowditch isn’t one to stand by and watch it.

The perfect read for a hot summer or in Doiron’s hands for any time of year.  Enjoy!

- Gail Cooke

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