Monday, July 1, 2013


The estimable Janet Evanovich who gave us so much pleasure with her Stephanie Plum stories as well as a slew of other writings teams up with screenwriter Lee Goldberg who wrote the Monk series to introduce a new adventure series starring FBI Special agent Kate O’Hare.  As if that weren’t incentive enough to give a listen to this audio book it’s read by a narrator without compare - Scott Brick.  This gentlemen has received so many awards that his mantle sags.  Our prediction?  The Heist is going to be verrrry popular.

With the initial offering in this series Kate is paired with scam artist par excellence Nicholas Fox.  She’s been hot on his trial and finally succeeds in catching him only to have him escape.  Of course, it’s been quite a kick for Fox to have been chased by a beautiful woman, and he’s not about to let their relationship end.  Believe it or not he convinces the FBI to pair him with Kate in order to catch investment banker Derek Griffin who took off with a mere 500 million of his company’s money.  Don’t know where he’ll spend it because he’s hiding out on a private island in Indonesia.

Capturing Griffin is far from a piece of cake but with the help of some able sting-masters who trick Griffin’s attorney into telling where he is Kate and Nick feel like it’s a possibility ...despite the fact that all other FBI agents are hunting for Nick.  So it’s up to Kate not only to get Griffin but also to save Nick from her eager colleagues.  Quite an order!

Now, toss in some heart-stopping chases, pirates, plus a bit of comedy and you have a can’t-stop-listening-to tale.  Kate and Nick are a winning pair, so enjoy!

- Gail Cooke

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