Saturday, October 5, 2013


What youngster doesn’t love trucks?  Children ooh and aah every time they see a truck - big ones, small ones, trucks of any color.  The very original Samantha Vamos has penned a book containing a multitude of trucks each of which is paired with a letter of the alphabet.  For instance children will find the letter T with a tow truck, M with mixer truck, etc.  Now, they may have heard of those trucks but what about a zipper truck?  A quint truck?

Yes, young ones will not only learn about different trucks but they’ll also be learning their ABC’s - and having a great deal of fun while doing it.  Vamos presents each truck and letter pairing in sparkling rhyme, such as

“S is for snowplow truck - snowy streets to clear and groom.
“T is for tow truck, with a hook, chain, and boom.”

Bright full- color illustrations by Ryan O’Rourke are full page size and sure to catch  eyes.  Recommended for youngsters ages 3 - 6 Alphabet Trucks is both entertaining and educational.

- Gail Cooke

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