Thursday, October 31, 2013


Do believe countless praises have been sung re Votre Vu’s Eiffel Power Mascara but I’m more than happy to reiterate here because of the great look it provides when paired with Votre Vu’s Le Joli Crayon.  Love their French Accents line!

Quite simply, the appearance is beautifully intensified when this duo is worn.  Lashes appear fuller, longer, plumper and all the while the wearer is still enjoying the benefits of this botanically engineered mascara - support due to curative cotton bloom and illumination thanks to natural waxes.

Pencil liners have never been my friends due to the tugging and pulling of delicate skin when trying to apply.  I’d about decided never to try a liner again until Le Joli Crayon - hallelujah!   There’s all the difference in the world - this crayon is not only the favorite of makeup artists but is now on my A-List.  The gel crayon goes on like silk very much like a liquid yet allows time to feather and smudge.  Once it sets it is there to stay - no smudging and you can even shed a delicate tear or three.  Another plus is that it’s as easy to remove as it was to apply and a sharpener is included in the package.

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