Tuesday, January 7, 2014


While I’ve never been a fan of liquid lipsticks I am now!  My conversion is due to Lush’s Emotional Brilliance Collection - a dozen colors to suit every whim and skin type.  They’re richer in color and consistency than any I’ve tried in the past.

Plus it’s so easy to switch the color from daytime subtlety to evening glamour - simply apply sparingly for day wear and more generously for a night on the town.  Also, in my past experience, that is pre-Lush, liquid lipsticks tended to run especially in the corners of my mouth - not so with Lush.

My favorite shades are Bubbly and Believe.  A tender rose/pink is perfect for daytime wear.  Bubbly is a warm, subtle shade that complements those with fair skin and blue eyes.  Believe is more vivid, a creamy pinkish raspberry - love this for evenings and dressy occasions.

Another huge plus for me is the fact that even the most challenging of dinners (corn on the cob, spareribs) does not make the color run.  I can eat a double dip ice cream cone and while the original brightness may be gone there is still color on my lips and it is neatly in place.

Kudos to Lush for the Emotional Brilliance Collection!  Find it at lush.com.

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