Friday, February 21, 2014


Cat lovers, mystery lovers, and readers will take to the latest from Shirley Rousseau Murphy, popular author of the mystery series featuring talkative tomcat, Joe Grey.  This time out she teams with her husband, Pat, to offer a rather offbeat thriller -  a supernatural tale featuring Satan himself and  Misto, a yellow tomcat who often appears in his spirit form and has the ability to see through time and space.

Misto is a very caring kitty and a force for good.  He has known Lee Fontana since Lee was a child and is with him now in 1947 when Lee is paroled from prison.  Once an expert train robber Lee is ill prepared for the way the world has changed during his incarceration.  In addition to that Satan is often there to tempt him with just one more robbery, one more time so Lee can retire in comfort.  Misto is well aware of Satan’s powers and Lee’s weaknesses but is determined that Lee will not become one more lost soul.

Lee’s parole includes a job driving a truck on a farm in Southern California - days spent under the hot sun.  Foreman of the operation is Jake,  an old friend of Lee’s,  who has married Lucita, a beautiful woman apparently loved by both men.  She appears untouched by age and the lovely home she has made for Jake plus the wealth acquired by Jake’s boss rankles Lee - he wants some of both for himself.  And Mr. Satan is right there, whispering in his ear, telling him how easy it would be to get it.

Misto is also right there to face down Satan in order to protect Lee.  But, as brave and clever as he is how can he do it?

This mix of mystery and the paranormal keeps us guessing until the final pages and hoping for Misto’s return in another story.

- Gail Cooke

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