Friday, March 7, 2014

RUNNER by Patrick Lee Audio Edition read by Raul Esparza

Four-time Tony nominated actor Raul Esparza gave astounding performances on Broadway, and he does the same with this explosive thriller by Patrick Lee.

Compared to the best books by Tom Clancy and Robin Cook his latest tale, Runner, propels Lee to the A-list of mystery writers. There’s non-stop action as a very unlikely pair - Rachel, a 12-year-old girl, and Sam Dryden, a highly skilled former Delta Ranger - run not only for their lives but to find out what the men pursuing them are trying to hide.

Sam had been taking a midnight jog on a California beach when he found Rachel, a terribly frightened girl who was running from armed men who quite obviously intended to kill her.  But why?

Rachel has no idea who the pursuers are or why they would want to harm her.  All she knows is that she had been held captive and finally managed to escape.  She does have a skill - the ability to read minds.

After suffering the loss of his wife and child Sam feels compassion for the girl and vows to do whatever is necessary to save her.  Considering their enemies that’s an enormous task - one man and a girl versus many.

Lee skillfully adds technology and medical science to this already compelling thriller.  Suspense heightens with each word as Esparza takes us on a perilous journey with roadblocks at every turn.

-Gail Cooke

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