Thursday, June 12, 2014


Trust that by now everyone is well aware of the potentially damaging effects of sun exposure and is protecting themselves (while looking glam) by wearing one of Avene’s High Protection Tinted Compacts SPF 50.  Of course, you are!

And, after time in the sun replenishing is needed - what to do?   After-Sun Repair Lotion by Eau Thermale Avene is the answer.  Soothing and welcome this Lotion provides a cooling effect for both skin and spirit while strengthening the skin’s barrier.

Non-greasy and quickly absorbing the Lotion immediately counteracts the sun’s drying effects and aids in minimizing peeling.  It’s light yet rich in Avene’s Thermal Spring Water, Biocymentine (to prevent moisture loss) and a bevy of moisturizing agents.  This skin friendly Lotion absorbs so quickly that you can easily doff your teeny bikini, generously apply the Lotion’s creamy goodness and immediately slip into a sun dress.

Find it at and don’t be without it this summer!

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