Monday, June 2, 2014

SAFE HARBOR by Luanne Rice Performed by Tanya Eby

An Audio nominated voice performer as well as a novelist and blogger Tanya Eby pleases the ear with her reading of this mysterious tale of love lost and found again.  Author Rice knows how to pluck heart strings and she strikes quite a few chords with Safe Harbor.

Dana Underhill is a successful artist who has traveled the world to capture on canvas the beauties of the seas that she and her sister have loved since childhood.  Then this close to perfect existence is shattered when she is summoned home to Hubbard’s Point - her sister, Lily, and her husband, Mike, drowned while sailing at midnight across Long Island Sound.  Dana is now to take on the role of mother to her two young nieces, a role with which she is not familiar.

Dana wants to take the girls back to France with her but almost 13-year-old Quinn refuses to go - she will not leave the place where she keeps vigil every night for her dead parents.  As it happens Dana runs into a man she and her sister once saved from drowning. Sam Trevor, and she turns to him for help with the two girls.  Recovering from a disastrous love affair Dana decides to stay on at least for the summer in the hope that Quinn’s mind will change.  However, as time passes she discovers that there is something unknown about her sister’s death.  There are more mysteries and thanks to Sam opportunities on Hubbard’s Point than she had ever dreamed.


- Gail Cooke

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