Monday, August 11, 2014

HOUNDED by David Rosenfelt

Ready for a light-hearted, feel-good, intriguing mystery?  Sounds like not only a series of contradictions but also an impossibility, doesn’t it?  Not in the hands of David Rosenfelt who created Andy Carpenter, a fast talking, dog loving, likable lawyer who is always ready with a smile provoking quip.  Yes, with Hounded readers will find an unusual unbeatable combination - dogs and mystery.

The opener is a shocker - Andy receives a phone call from his good friend respected policeman Pete Stanton asking (really telling) him to come to an address and bring his girlfriend, Laurie Collins.  What they find is a surprise to both - a dead body, namely the late Danny Diaz.  Upstairs in the house is Danny’s four-year-old son, Ricky, and his basset hound.  Pete wants Andy and Laurie to take the boy plus dog so they won’t be relegated to the “system.”

As if that weren’t favor enough Pete soon needs to ask another one - he is arrested for the murder of Danny and needs Andy to defend him.   Of course, Danny isn’t going to turn his good friend down, especially one as honest as Pete.  However, the evidence against Pete mounts - a mega stack of heroin hidden in his home, the fact that Danny was reporting that Pete was dealing in drugs, and more.  Not only was the evidence mounting against him but dead bodies were mounting, too, all of the deceased unrelated to Danny.   If there was a connection how could Andy prove it and how would it help Pete?

Highly entertaining and heart warming Hounded is peopled with quite a cast of characters - gangsters, murderers, and Edna, a crossword puzzle fanatic.  You’ll enjoy it from start to surprising finish.

- Gail Cooke

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