Saturday, September 6, 2014

ADULTERY by Paulo Coelho Audio Edition

Gifted audio book narrator/actress Susan Denaker has appeared in a number of plays in the West End of London plus on national tours.  She is also remembered for her appearances in the U.S.   She delivers a memorable reading of Paulo Coelho’s intriguing Adultery, a story in which various themes are explored including marital infidelity, depression, and a smattering of life’s imponderables.

A popular newspaper reporter based in Geneva Linda has all the trappings of a perfect life - marriage to handsome, rich financier, attractive, well-behaved children, and a successful career.  Why one then wonders when she interviews Jacob, an old boyfriend who is now successful in politics, does she conclude the questioning with a sexual encounter?

Whatever the case this is the beginning of an illicit affair which briefly seems to bring Linda out of her emotional doldrums.  At the same time the affair bothers her as she cannot understand what motivated her to do this.  She tries therapy and then a Cuban shaman but finds no help with either.  Linda simply cannot understand why she is so entranced by Jacob.  Eventually his wife comes very close to making their affair public.  What will happen next?

Throughout Coelho’s narrative he explores much - everything from St. Paul to Jekyll and Hyde.  Adultery is an intriguing tale giving us much to ponder.

- Gail Cooke

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