Saturday, October 25, 2014

A DEMON SUMMER by G. M. Maliet

Murder in a nunnery?  Impossible, never in this world!  Those are places of quiet, peace and meditation.  Not in the hands of Agatha Award winning G. M. Malliet who with the fourth Max Tudor mystery takes the handsome former M15 spy turned vicar to the nunnery of Monkbury Abbey.  He is there at the behest of his bishop who wants Max to investigate the possibility of misappropriated funds and the genesis of a poisoned fruitcake.  The sisters are well known for their fruitcakes, a best seller for the nunnery.  However, one ingested by the unlikable Earl of Lislelivet sickened him.  Accident or heinous plan?

Pleasing the bishop is important for Max as he has yet to tell his superior that he plans to marry Awena Owen whose views are not exactly in concert with those of the church.  Max has dutifully made himself at home in the cell-like quarters assigned to him and has almost completed interviewing all of the sisters when a body is found in the cloister well.  There are other guests at the nunnery, an eccentric lot if there ever was one.  Each in his or her own way adds touches of humor to the story while not helping to solve the mystery of the body in the well.

Once again Malliet has given us a delightful English cozy mystery, which is both fun and absorbing.  A Demon In Summer is a delicious read - enjoy!

- Gail Cooke

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