Monday, November 17, 2014


Just the name Cussler on the cover lets us know that action abounds beginning with the first page or in this case first few words.  And, speaking of which those words are spoken by the estimable Scott Brick, an actor/writer who has umpteen film stage, television and radio appearances to his credit.  That experience is evident as he delivers a gripping narration of this adventure thriller again featuring the intelligent, charismatic do-gooder Dirk Pitt, chief of the National Underwater Marine Agency.

This time out he’s investigating a toxic outbreak in the Caribbean Sea that may ultimately place the U.S. in danger.  As if that weren’t dangerous enough he soon finds himself embroiled in something even more lethal - a power struggle for control of Cuba.  The villain here is General Alberto Gutier who is financing his attempted takeover via bogus deep sea mining.

Now, stir in with this Dirk and Summer, Dirk senior’s offspring, who are up against it in Mexico trying to find an ancient Aztec codex.

As is his wont Cussler delivers magnificent descriptions of undersea work, and once again shows that he is one of the most imaginative writers to be found.   Enjoy!

- Gail Cooke

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