Thursday, December 4, 2014


Just the names listed above should make anyone rush out and buy this audio book.  Narrator Scott Brick, a veteran of stage, film, television and radio, brings a story to life as few others can.  Give him an exiting blockbuster such as this and he’s off with pin-perfect timing and emphasis.  Just listen - you’ll see.

As most know Tom Clancy is an icon.  As the author of The Hunt For Red October and 17 other thrillers he was the king of unique plotting and edge-of-chair suspense, and he is greatly missed.  Fortunate for his fans and readers Clancy coauthored four books with Mark Greaney who is carrying on Clancy’s legacy, and doing it well.  Just give a listen to this Jack Ryan novel.

Opening with a bang we hear that a North Korean ICBM has crashed into the Sea of Japan, a veteran CIA officer has been murdered, and a packet of forged document have gone missing.  And that’s just for starters..

President Jack Ryan has more than a full plate - it’s running over with twists, turns and threats from North Korea.

President Ronald Reagan called Clancy’s first book “the perfect yarn” - here’s another one - enjoy!

- Gail Cooke

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