Friday, February 6, 2015

BIG CATS by Steve Bloom

Few of us ever have the pleasure of going on safari and seeing some of the most beautiful animals in the world in their natural habitats.  However, even if we were able to do that in all probability we would not see them as closely as we do in these incomparable photographs taken by natural-history photographer Steve Bloom.  He traveled the world to capture the lives of big cats, their family structures, methods of hunting, and how they manage to survive in the most challenging conditions.

While this book is recommended for children adults will not be able to resist it - 48 pages filled with amazing photographs as well as notes re a particular animal.

For instance, the female cheetah usually has three to five cubs at a time.  She spends two years teaching them the skills they’ll need to survive and then they’re on their own in the wild.  When they’re young she often leaves her cubs hidden in the tall grass (their spotted fur helps to hide them) while she goes hunting.  She is always alert, listening for any threatening noise, and moves her cubs at regular intervals to keep them safe.  She is to put it succinctly a terrific mom.

Leopards, lions, tigers, they’re all here regal in their beauty, aware thanks to their amazing senses, and ferocious to protect themselves and their families.

Steve Bloom’s photos are truly astounding - his double page close-up of a tiger’s face is unforgettable.  Big Cats is a must for animal lovers of all ages.


- Gail Cooke

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