Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Those who like a little history with their mystery will relish the 6th installment of the Molly Murphy series, especially when read by the talented Nicola Barber.  One of the many pluses for this series is that you do not have to be familiar with the previous stories to fully APPRECIATE this one - just tune in and enjoy Molly’s latest adventure.

Tommy Burke has recently found out that his sister was left behind when his family fled Ireland, and he’d like to leave his fortune to her if she is still living and can be found.  (He’s already rescued a ne’er-do-well nephew umpteen times and would rather not leave his earthly earnings to him.)  Nonetheless, when a search for said sister gives Molly an opportunity to return home after many a year she cannot refuse.

She sets sail for Queenstown on the Majestic.  Another passenger is famous actress Oona Sheehan who asks Molly to switch cabins with her so Oona can avoid her admirers.  Well, who can turn down a First Class cabin?  That luxury turns out to be a bit brief as Oona’s maid is murdered and Molly becomes suspect.

To further muddy the waters it turns out that Oona never boarded the ship, and once in Dublin Molly finds that Oona’s trunks are packed with rifles.  Things don’t bode well for Molly, but listen and find out what happens to our spunky heroine.


- Gail Cooke

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