Wednesday, April 29, 2015


What would you title a book that’s unique, a bit outre, fun to browse and full of delicious recipes that make you want to run to your kitchen?  (That is if you can’t hop a quick flight to New Orleans!)   Fun, Funky and Fabulous is more than apropos for this delightful tour of affordable restaurants in the Crescent City (?)  There’s also a bit of history thrown in and F, F and F also serves as a handy guide to various neighborhoods and where to eat in each of them.

Now, the dining is always casual but the dishes are more than delicious - you’ll find MoPho, Purtoo, Toup’s Meatery, Juan’sFlying Burrito and more.  Ever tempting, always changing, innovative and exciting these recipes are unlike any others you’re apt to find.

Benson knows her territory well and describes it with affection.  She has worked with the New Orleans Times-Picayune, and served as a regional reporter covering the southeastern United States for both the New York Times and Time Magazine.

Each section is headed by some of the most charming folk art to be found by Simon Hardeveld who is known as Simon of New Orleans.  Originally from France his illustrations are unique and memorable.

Originally from London and now resident New Orleans photographer Sam Hanna’s photographs are so luscious that you want to pick up a fork and dig in.  There are over 50 color photos - each mouth watering.

Fun, Funky and Fabulous is a pleasure to browse as well as to use given to us by three who quite obviously love their city and its cuisine.


- Gail Cooke

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