Friday, June 12, 2015

THE ENEMY INSIDE by Steve Martini

    Every once in a while an author will create a lead character so real, so likable, so charismatic that readers are prone to forget he or she is a fictional character.  Such is the case for Steve Martini’s creation of Paul Madriani.  I find myself eagerly awaiting Madriani’s next adventure and then while reading become so immersed in the story that I stay up late pulling for him as though he were a favorite uncle rather than a product of Martini’s abundant imagination.  Such was certainly the case with The Enemy Inside in which defense attorney Madriani discovers layers of corruption that lead to the highest levels of power.

    A friend, Alex Ives, is implicated in a fatal traffic accident on a remote Southern California highway.  To begin with Alex cannot remember any of that evening save for the fact that he is sure he had only one drink and had gone to meet an irresistible young woman at an A-List house party.  He has awakened hospitalized in police custody charged with drunk driving and manslaughter.

    Madriani believes Alex and determines to defend him unaware of the personal dangers involved.  The deceased in the traffic accident was Olinda Serna, one of our country’s most successful lawyers and adept at managing money as well as discovering the secrets of her numerous influential clients.  When these powerful folk learn of her death they’re concerned that their closely guarded secrets may be found out.

    How far will they go to protect themselves, their position, their careers?

    The Enemy Inside is loaded with carefully drawn fascinating characters, high adventure, and mounting suspense.



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