Sunday, June 28, 2015

THE FIXER by Joseph Finder Audio Edition

Caveat first: I’m a huge fan of Joseph Finder’s books, for me his titles are always crisp, fast-paced, timely and totally absorbing.  That experience is enhanced by a terrific narration by Steven Kearney (who also read Finder’s Suspicion).

What grabbed me in the beginning was a protagonist, Rick Hoffman, a fellow with whom many of us can identify.  He’s not a sharp, muscled private eye but an every day guy who was just laid off from work.  Now, it wasn’t work that he particularly enjoyed, but he did need the paycheck.  He was writing pieces for a Boston city magazine - articles glorifying the rich and famous.  What to do?

His elderly father has been left speechless after a stroke and is now confined to a nursing home.  Well, his dad’s house is now empty and Rick needs a roof so he decides to move in.  He sees that the house could use a little help, minor renovations.  What he finds while improving the space is anything but minor - it’s major, $3 million in cash in a crawl space.

Of course, Rick needs a bit of cash so he spends some of it and begins trying to find out where it came from.  His father, of course, is unable to tell him anything.  Rick does know that his dad had once been a pretty powerful attorney with some big time clients.  But even for a first-rate lawyer 3 million is a bit much in attorney’s fees.

It’s not too long before some pretty shady folks come looking for the cash and Rick.

Never a dull moment in a Finder suspense tale - enjoy!

- Gail Cooke

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