Tuesday, July 14, 2015

THE SANTANGELOS by Jackie Collins Audio Edition

Haven’t had your Jackie Collins fix in a while?  Here ‘tis filled with her incomparable characters rife with passion, power, sex, and the Collins brand of glamour.  Here’s a beach listen that’ll take your from a backyard pool to the South of France, Milan and Las Vegas.  And what a listen it is as read by Collins herself in that inimitable breathy voice and an impressive cast consisting of Ari Fliakos, Holter Graham, January Lavoy, and Sydney Tamiia Poitier.

Best I get my confession out of the way - I’ve never been a Jackie Collins fan but do give a listen and read now and then.  Why?  It’s hard to argue with an author who has had 500 million of her books sold in 40 countries.   That out of the way this is the conclusion to the Santangelo tale.

Tough and beautiful Lucky Santangelo has to remember the family motto - “Never cross a Santangelo” when she faces a no holds barred enemy determined to have vengeance and a drugged out Colombian club owner.  Her daughter, Max, is setting the European modeling world on fire (remember, folks, this is a Collins story) and her handsome son, Bobby, is being pegged for murder.  Of course, he’s innocent but something like this might happen when you let yourself go to a beautiful woman’s hotel suite.

Yes, I said beautiful - as usual Collins has a corner on characters that are the sexiest and most eye-popping gorgeous.  They may be troubled, sleazy or drunk, but they’re great looking!

            Now, since my confession is at the top of the page I’ll give this tale 5 stars because for her jillions of fans it’s written in true Collins style - perhaps even pizazzier than before.  And, with a full cast it’s terrific listening!


- Gail Cooke

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