Saturday, August 22, 2015


With this my first listen to a tale by J. R. Ward I was reminded of a soap opera that absolutely had me hooked some years ago.  Do believe Ward’s story will have the same effect.  It has it all - wealth, power, luxury, heartbreak, bitterness, hatred, murder, adultery, embezzlement.  Ah, what more could any listener want especially when narrated by gifted actor Alexander Cendese?

Yes, with The Bourbon Kings we visit a world of Southern wealth and privilege overseen by the Bradford family who have dominated the bourbon industry for decades.  Thanks to the ever popular bourbon they have a grand estate, Easterly,  with a staff of 72 and just as many problems.  The family patriarch has no moral scruples and is consumed by greed; the family’s matron is lost in drugs.  Last but not least are the heirs to this vast fortune and all the secrets it holds - Lane, Max, Gin and Edward.  Each of them shares their story with us.

Now, there is one unbreakable rule at Easterly, a line no one dares to cross - the insurmountable wall between the wealthy and the hired help.  Head horticulturist Lizzie King scaled that wall and fell in love with the irresistible Lane.  Of course, she is the wounded one and is reminded of her error each time she sees Lane’s snooty wife.

And now after of almost two years during which Lizzie has tried to heal Lane is coming home again and bringing with him the past which will leave no one unharmed.  Secrets are revealed that may shatter the Bradford dynasty - bourbon and all.  Who will survive?

- Gail Cooke

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