Tuesday, September 1, 2015

BROKEN GRACE by E.C. Diskin Audio Edition

    This is my introduction to the work of E. C . Diskin and I eagerly look forward to more as she has a real gift for penning a noir thriller - Broken Grace has everything - intrigue, suspense, murder, unknown villains, infidelity - you name it - everything none of us would want.  The drama is enhanced by two superior readers - Emily-Sutton Smith and Scott Merriman.  Sutton-Smith for this listener takes the lead with her narration of a woman suffering from amnesia and more.

    Said woman, Grace Abbott, has been involved in a traffic accident and remembers nothing upon awakening eight days later in a hospital.  She suffers from Traumatic Brain Injury, and her medic believes her memory will eventually return with rest and quiet.  Such is not to be the case.

    Grace’s older sister, Lisa, takes her to their family home for the needed r and r.  Yet she scarcely has time to put her head on a pillow when two detectives arrive to question Grace about her former boyfriend, Michael Cahill, who has just been found murdered..  But she remembers nothing.  Bishop, the senior officer is of the opinion that the person closest to a victim is the murderer - ie. Grace.

    As the officers investigate they find Michael was not the man Grace believed him to be - he used drugs, gambled and two-timed Grace.  There were quite a few who wanted him dead.  Now was Grace the killer or is she the next victim?

    Broken Grace surely keeps you listening!

    - Gail Cooke

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