Thursday, September 10, 2015

CATS GALORE by Susan Herbert

Well, if you’re not a cat lover now you surely will be after one or two pages.  If you’re not an admirer of the work and imagination of artist Susan Herbert you definitely will be as her water color paintings have been created not only with paint but with charm, affection and  rich imagination.

Cats Galore A Compendium Of Cultured Cats is a book I’ve returned to again and again not only for my own pleasure but to share with friends - none of whom could select a favorite as all of the paintings delight viewers.

The subtitle is apropos as Susan Herbert has given us feline versions of unforgettable works of art as well as well remembered scenes from the theater, opera and films.  Words cannot describe the surprise and pleasure found in seeing Goya’s The Clothed Maja in feline form or a scene from The Red Shoes with a blue-eyed kitty on point.  Regarding films one finds the famous beach scene in From Here To Eternity, the full cast of Casablanca and more.  There are 326 illustrations in all, each bringing appreciative smiles.

I am grateful for Ms. Herbert’s talent and in awe of the gifts she has given us.  My copy of Cats Galore is already well thumbed and surely much enjoyed.  Highly recommended!

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