Thursday, November 19, 2015

THE PHAROAH'S SECRET by Clive Cussler Audio Edition

    Clive Cussler has received more raves for his books than most of can count, and in my opinion he deserves every accolade.  He can spin a yarn that keeps me up all night reading or in this case listening as his latest Kurt Austin adventure is read by the estimable Scott Brick.

    This time out Kurt and Joe are facing one of the most determined enemies imaginable - he’s a former member of the secret police force of the Mubarak government.  He’s ruthless to a T and bent on building a new Egyptian empire every bit as wonderful as one seen in the days of the Pharoahs.

    To this end he’s manipulating a newly found aquifer that is underneath most of the Sahara - he will allow those who will follow him to have water and live while the rest perish.  As if that were not enough he has an even deadlier weapon - the Black Mist.  This was discovered in the City of the Dead and is believed to take life from the living and give it to the dead.

            It is the present day on Lampedusa when a ship releases a deadly poison which soon kills everyone on the island.  Kurt and the NUMA team respond to this distress call and try to understand what caused this carnage not knowing who his enemy is and what he is capable of doing.

    One more aces tale from the inimitable Cussler!

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