Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Ever tire of female protagonists who are slim, beautiful and smart? Me, too! Now, I've found one to who is just my kind of woman - she's Detective Vera Stanhope, overweight, rather ordinary looking, and very, very clever. I'm a bit late in finding her as this is the sixth in the series of mysteries by Ann Cleeves, but better late than never, as they say, ass I'll surely make up for lost time.

Harbour Street is not an avenue I'd care to visit, but it makes for terrific reading as many secrets are hidden there as DI Stanhope soon discovers. It's the holiday season, which should be filled with merriment but Vera is pleased to avoid all that fal-deral when when she is called to investigate a murder.

Her sidekick, Detective Joe Ashworth and his daughter Jessie had boarded a crowded Metro when before their stop the train is sidelined due to bad weather. all the passengers are asked to leave and await another transport. Jessie notices that one lady hasn't left the train - Margaret Krukowski has been fatally stabbed.

But who would want to harm such an apparently elegant lady? Soon Vera and Joe are on their way to where Margaret lived to begin their investigation when a mere few days later another woman is murdered. While Vera loves a challenge this is a rare one even for her - it seems she must search the well hidden past as she follows clues that all stem from Harbour Street.

The plot is complex as are the people we meet which makes for pleasurable stay up late reading. It's a spellbinding whodunit!

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