Tuesday, December 15, 2015


    Hugo Jacomet is the creator of the popular and respected menswear blog Parisian Gentleman published both in French and English.  He is the epitome of sartorial elegance whose passion is bespoke tailoring.

    Andy Julia is a French artist and photographer with two books of his works published and an enviable client list.

    The two of them have given us The Parisian Gentleman, a must-have volume for any man even remotely interested in style.  As we know Paris and style are tantamount to being synonymous but the focus isn’t often on the debonair gentlemen whose dress represents a tradition of not only style but tradition and refinement.   This volume presents twenty of the most vaunted style-makers - everything from small areliers known only to a privileged few to internationally known names such as Charvet and Berluti.

    Histories of each house are included as well as commentary from the craftsmen behind them who are dedicated to quality.  You will find artisans valued for shirt-making, tailoring, shoe-making, perfumery, jewelry and accessories.   As Mr. Jacomet knows many of these artisans personally their stories spring to vivid life always accompanied by beautiful photographs.

    The Parisian Gentleman hold 350 illustrations, and is a book you’ll find yourself returning to again and again both for pleasure and inspiration.


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