Tuesday, June 21, 2016


    Do I really believe that when the groundhog sees his shadow on February 2 it is a determination of whether or not we’ll have six more weeks of winter?  Not quite sure, but it is fun to think about and young readers will have much to think and laugh about in this delightful yarn centering on a perplexed groundhog.

    The problem is that groundhog likes each one of his forest friends and would like to make all of them happy, but half of them want six more weeks of winter while the other half wants spring.      What to do?  This dilemma has groundhog losing sleep at night.  Plus the animals have decided that they might get what they want if they bribe groundhog, so he is showered with treats, and invitations to baseball games, picnics and bonfires. 

    He is in a real quandary so he tries to make everyone happy which is an impossibility.

    Youngsters will thoroughly enjoy Faulkner’s vibrant highly detailed paintings and the interactions between the animals.
    Suggested for ages 3-7.

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