Monday, June 13, 2016

I ALMOST FORGOT ABOUT YOU by Terry McMillan Audio Edition

    You could almost say this story is about a mid-life crisis but in the hands of the inimitable Terry McMillan it’s far too zesty, earthy, fresh and intriguing to simply be that.  Rather it is a heartwarming story for those who believe in dreaming, love and second chances.

        Georgia Young is a 54-year-old optometrist with a successful career, good friends and family yet that is not enough.  She feels restless, stuck, bored and wants to move on.  So, after two failed marriages she decides to make some dramatic changes in herself and will do this by reexamining the loves she left behind.  She quits her job, sells her house and travels Canada by train in the hope of discovering what it is she really wants in life.  Now, this sounds like an excellent plan but you know what they say about “the best laid plans of..,”   Georgia’s meditative journey is interrupted by her feisty 81-year-old mother who has definite thoughts on love, her two stubborn daughters, her frighteningly frank best friends, her business partner, and an assortment of old and new loves.           

    For those of you who have enjoyed McMillan’s books filled with strong, complex women
in contemporary times, here’s another to treasure and what a treat to be read by McMillan herself!  For those who have yet been introduced to this author’s fictional world, don’t waste another minute!

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