Wednesday, June 1, 2016


    When most of us hear the word megalopolis we think of a large densely populated city.  Well, from now on when we hear Megalopolis many may think of this incredibly illustrated book that will totally captivate young readers.  Kudos to illustrator Clea Dieudonne for providing hours of pleasure for youngsters and in all probability adults as well.

    Megalopolis and the Visitor from Outer Space arrives in a handsome hardcover measuring approximately 9 by 12 inches - looks innocuous.  However it is an awesome vertical story that unfolds to more than 10 feet!  This picture book’s 38 pages unfold to present an imaginatively conceived cityscape in full color bustling with life.  We find different scenes and meet the animals and characters who live there - there are 514 inhabitants, 5 policemen, 12 thieves, 8 ghosts, 3 giraffes, 20 birds and 33 fish.  Yet a city is not just those who live there, so we also find some 118 buildings, 454 windows, 10 factories, 51 cars, 8 bicycles and 17 kinds of flowers.

    Calling this book a picture book simply does not do it justice - it’s an adventure as a strange visitor from another galaxy drops in.  While suggested for youngsters 5 years and up do believe all will enjoy Megalopolis and the Visitor from Outer Space.

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